Saturday, 26 March 2011

Book, Film, Album Review

Something a little bit different again, as usual, I like to mix it up.

After at least a month, probably more, of reading this book I finally finished it; A Thousand Splendid Suns. To be honest it's probably a really pointless review because I'm sure the majority of you have already read it. I know that when I was reading it in public areas I would have multiple people tell me how much they loved it. To be honest, I thought it was good but I got so hyped up about it that it didn't quite reach my expectations. It's in dual narrative about 2 girls in Afghanistan. At first the girls are completely unrelated, but they end up very well linked; I won't tell you how as that will completely ruin the book. It really outlines some key issues of war and women in Afghanistan; from the horrible character of Rasheed whom unfortunately, through no fault of their own, the two girls (Mariam and Laila) get involved with, down to the bombing in the streets and the starvation that comes with war. It really does get you thinking about different cultures and how much harder Afghan's have it compared to the majority of England, particularly Afghan women. The themes of child abuse, sexual assault, murder, death, poverty and war are so clearly outlined by Khaled Hosseini (the author). Whilst the book contains a lot of foreign language it is so easy to feel complete empathy for the two women and their children. I would definitely recommend you to read this book.

My next review is on a film I recently watched, I was torn between two for this; it was either 500 Days of Summer or Get Him to The Greek. I chose Get Him to The Greek but have to quickly say if you are into adorable chick flicks watch 500 days of summer! Anyway, onto the chosen film. I found it absolutely hilarious, and I think anyone who finds Russel Brand hilarious will instantly love it. I found his acting in St. Trinians pretty dreadful to be honest, but in this he was much more himself. I will warn you it has some pretty outrageous comedy in it, with Aaron Green (played by Jonah Hill) having to do some disturbing tasks in order to get Aldous Snow (Russel Brand) to do what he wants to get him to the famous Greek Theatre. If you like films such as The Hangover this is your kind of film.

My final review I promise will be a short one. I just wanted to tell all of you who haven't already to get Adele's new album. It's been number 1 on iTunes for so long now that I don't know how anyone has resisted! She really does have an amazing voice; proven by her performance at The Brit Awards 2011. However, what I really discovered by getting this album is just how clever the lyrics she writes are. Each one will end up reminding you of some kind of fling or romance you have ever had, no matter how young you can really relate to her. I really think she is just an outstanding woman and deserves every bit of credit she gets. This is something I really do urge you to go and buy! And don't download it illegally either!!

Thanks :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Make-Up Review

Recently I bought a couple of new items to add to my expanding Make-Up collection and thought I'd share my thoughts on them with you.

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
 I have finally fallen in love with a foundation. For years I have been trying to find one that lightly covers your skin giving it a matte effect without looking like you've been iced with foundation. This one is exactly that; it glides onto your skin so nicely almost as if it's some sort of light airy chocolate mousse. Whilst it isn't thick and doesn't cover over every lump and bump I really like it. I guess that's because I have pretty clear skin anyway so it doesn't need much covering but I would definitely recommend!

2. A Brush for Powder
 This probably seems so obvious to all of you, but I only just realised what a huge difference it makes. Since christmas when I got my new 17 Pressed Powder (which I would also suggest you try) I was using the little pad that comes with it to apply it. This was working absolutely fine but I thought I'd try a brush instead. At only £1 from Savers I bought a large brush and would never go back, definitely a good investment.

3. Nivea Pearly Shine
 Such a nice, simple product. It keeps your lips from getting chapped without covering them in greasy vaseline. It has such a nice colour and texture to it as well. Not much else I can say apart from GO BUY!

4. Loreal Paris Glam Shine Natural Glow Lipgloss
 Cheryl Cole really is right, it's shiny but not sticky! The heart shaped wand is also really, really nice for applying it, makes a really even coat. I will put it on every time I go out for a night out. It's sophisticated yet natural.

5. Front Cover Very Hot/Very Cool Eyeshadow Pallette
With 16 different colours you really cannot go wrong! There is such a range of colours from your bright blues, oranges and greens all the way to your creams, browns and greys. I have no idea how expensive it is as I got it for christmas but if you have a bit of cash to splash I would definitely consider this product to be your investment. The brushes that come with it are also so nice to use; it comes with a 2 double ended brushes each with a small end and a big end. Included in all that you also get some tips from a make-up artist on the back too!

Hope I've helped.