Sunday, 13 February 2011

What a girl wants... What a girl needs...

So, I went shopping yesterday and walking round there were SO many adorable things that I genuinely felt like I needed them, a few I obviously did need as I bought them even though I had minimal money. I will start with the few things I did buy.

A military style dress. I looked at it in both khaki green and blue, and in the end went for blue. I was particularly treated as it was only £5 my mum got it for me. It was from Primark so I can't get a webpage or picture up for you as they don't have an online store but it was kind of like the picture below but in blue.
 I also got a top from Primark, it was a tiny bit gothic, a bit Taylor Momsen but for some reason I absolutely loved it. Another bargain at only £8 I couldn't resist but buy it for myself. I can't really find anything like it but it was black with holes in a sort of lace style. I also bought some tights like this however, I really desperately want a pair like this. I also fell in love with a number of pairs of boots so much so that I almost did this blog solely on boots. I keep seeing shoe boot things like these absolutely everywhere and I want a pair SO badly! I have a very similar pair which are so comfy to walk around in. Whilst they have become very common and therefore I have gone off them a little bit over the knee boots such as these I really quite like, although I think you have to be quite tall to get away with them or they can make you look particularly stumpy. 

That's about it really, it's a fairly short one to make up for all the essays I keep producing. Enjoy!


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