Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week in Words

Views have gone up recently so first of all thanks to whoever you are that's reading my ramble :)

Now, as I'm still a little 17 year old at school studying my A-Levels I've just had half term (such a god send!). It has been the most needed, relaxing week I've had in a very long time! Made a few little discoveries too as I've had SO much time on my hands, so thought I'd share them with you.

Right at the beginning of the week, on Monday, I went out for dinner with a few really close friends. We went to ASK in Canterbury as a friend had 2 for 1 vouchers. It was so, so nice! Therefore, firstly, if you haven't before go and treat yourself to a pizza or pasta at ASK. I had the nicest thing, one of them folded pizzas with chicken, mushrooms and yummy things like that in it. So, secondly, go out and try a folded pizza much, much nicer than your usual run of the mill pizza. It was delicious!

I spent quite a lot of time watching TV in bed as well, I ended up spending pretty much an entire day watching one show which I have now decided is almost my favourite American show at the moment (second to Gossip Girl of course). It's one I'm sure a few of you have seen, Make It Or Break It. It still has your usual dramatic story lines which in anybody's everyday life are rarely encountered, however, along side it the main girls are all gymnasts. As a kid I loved watching the gymnastics in the Olympics so it makes me adore this show! If you like any of the following shows then I'd definitely give it a watch: 90210, Gossip Girl, Hellcats, Pretty Little Liars.

On Wednesday me and my boyfriend were a little bit pathetic and celebrated our 5 month anniversary like the cute in love couple we are. We went out for dinner and to the cinema, all of it absolutely lovely. We went to Franky and Benny's for dinner which I'm sure you've all been to and loved so I don't need to preach about that to you (if you haven't been you haven't lived and you need to stop reading right now and GO!). However, we went and saw the Brit Awards sweeper; The King's Speech. Oh my god. Amazing! Definitely some of the best acting I have seen in a very long time, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were outstanding, truly.

I also visited the University of Reading on Thursday, whilst I really didn't like the university all that much a lecturer there did a talk featuring Google Adsense which somehow I had never heard of before. Now, I'm sure you have all heard of this just little old me who has been kept in the dark; so, I won't bore you. Basically it's a really cool way of making money!

Finally, I realised the two most important things in my life at the moment: firstly sleep and secondly my gorgeous boyfriend (sorry for being so soppy!). I felt so, so much better after having a few nights that were a full 12 hour sleeps. I also, spent the majority of my week with my boyfriend and realised how well I am treated :)


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