Thursday, 10 February 2011

Valentines Day

Now I know I'm probably one of trillions blogging about valentines day this week or month, but I'm sure one more opinion won't hurt you!

I have such mixed views on the whole occasion really, I used to think it was absolutely ridiculous and now the idea of it is kind of cute. It really all boils down to whether you have someone to spend it with or not. Every previous year in my life I have been single on valentines day. Apart from when I was about 7 and a boy bought me a teddy and I bought him chocolates but ate them myself because I was too scared to give them to him. Such a shame.

This year is the first year I actually have a boyfriend on valentines day. Whilst extremely excited about being treated with gifts, dinner, the lot; I also feel a bit hypocritical. Honestly, for the entirety of my life I was the cow who moaned non stop for about a month leading up to valentines day about how it's just an excuse for commercial companies to exploit the ever so idiotic general public. So, I'm sure you can understand completely how I feel right now.

I have, obviously, been thinking about the perfect gift to show that special someone how much I love them, blah, blah, blah. It's so hard! I don't want to spend TOO much as that really would be extremely hypocritical of me if I went all out. I was thinking just a little something to show that I do care even if I do get the hump about something he says at least once a week. I decided that there is quite a lot of you girls out there who are racking your brains for ideas as buying for boys is a near impossibility. Therefore, I decided to write a convenient little list to help not just me, but all of you mysterious readers out there.

1. His favourite food.
You could go for the easy cheesy chocolates, or, you could dig deeper and find his favourite. Be it cookies, steak, broccoli, whatever. It's from the heart as he knows you have been paying attention to his likes, wants and needs.

2.  Something funny.
He's probably expecting valentines day to be a complete bore, so make it fun. A silly gift (something that's an inside joke between you) that he can actually use. It's easy to make boys laugh with stupid jokes, they're boys!

3. Beer.
Whilst it may seem boring, let's be honest, is he going to care? Boys love beer. You buy beer. He loves you. It's not soppy and it's something he can actually use and enjoy. Maybe something else as well though, could be a bit boring on it's own :)

4. Tickets
Again, it's something he can enjoy although it could be a pricey. A football match, Top Gear, a gig, etc. Don't go for something too sweet, just please him with something you know he'll enjoy.

5. A Massage
You could either buy him one, maybe a sports massage if he plays a lot. Or you could even learn to do them yourself, get all the oils, incense, candles and treat him.

Sorry that my list is fairly short, but it really is hard to think of ideas for men. Hope I helped :)

Danni x

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