Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week in Words

Views have gone up recently so first of all thanks to whoever you are that's reading my ramble :)

Now, as I'm still a little 17 year old at school studying my A-Levels I've just had half term (such a god send!). It has been the most needed, relaxing week I've had in a very long time! Made a few little discoveries too as I've had SO much time on my hands, so thought I'd share them with you.

Right at the beginning of the week, on Monday, I went out for dinner with a few really close friends. We went to ASK in Canterbury as a friend had 2 for 1 vouchers. It was so, so nice! Therefore, firstly, if you haven't before go and treat yourself to a pizza or pasta at ASK. I had the nicest thing, one of them folded pizzas with chicken, mushrooms and yummy things like that in it. So, secondly, go out and try a folded pizza much, much nicer than your usual run of the mill pizza. It was delicious!

I spent quite a lot of time watching TV in bed as well, I ended up spending pretty much an entire day watching one show which I have now decided is almost my favourite American show at the moment (second to Gossip Girl of course). It's one I'm sure a few of you have seen, Make It Or Break It. It still has your usual dramatic story lines which in anybody's everyday life are rarely encountered, however, along side it the main girls are all gymnasts. As a kid I loved watching the gymnastics in the Olympics so it makes me adore this show! If you like any of the following shows then I'd definitely give it a watch: 90210, Gossip Girl, Hellcats, Pretty Little Liars.

On Wednesday me and my boyfriend were a little bit pathetic and celebrated our 5 month anniversary like the cute in love couple we are. We went out for dinner and to the cinema, all of it absolutely lovely. We went to Franky and Benny's for dinner which I'm sure you've all been to and loved so I don't need to preach about that to you (if you haven't been you haven't lived and you need to stop reading right now and GO!). However, we went and saw the Brit Awards sweeper; The King's Speech. Oh my god. Amazing! Definitely some of the best acting I have seen in a very long time, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were outstanding, truly.

I also visited the University of Reading on Thursday, whilst I really didn't like the university all that much a lecturer there did a talk featuring Google Adsense which somehow I had never heard of before. Now, I'm sure you have all heard of this just little old me who has been kept in the dark; so, I won't bore you. Basically it's a really cool way of making money!

Finally, I realised the two most important things in my life at the moment: firstly sleep and secondly my gorgeous boyfriend (sorry for being so soppy!). I felt so, so much better after having a few nights that were a full 12 hour sleeps. I also, spent the majority of my week with my boyfriend and realised how well I am treated :)


Sunday, 13 February 2011

What a girl wants... What a girl needs...

So, I went shopping yesterday and walking round there were SO many adorable things that I genuinely felt like I needed them, a few I obviously did need as I bought them even though I had minimal money. I will start with the few things I did buy.

A military style dress. I looked at it in both khaki green and blue, and in the end went for blue. I was particularly treated as it was only £5 my mum got it for me. It was from Primark so I can't get a webpage or picture up for you as they don't have an online store but it was kind of like the picture below but in blue.
 I also got a top from Primark, it was a tiny bit gothic, a bit Taylor Momsen but for some reason I absolutely loved it. Another bargain at only £8 I couldn't resist but buy it for myself. I can't really find anything like it but it was black with holes in a sort of lace style. I also bought some tights like this however, I really desperately want a pair like this. I also fell in love with a number of pairs of boots so much so that I almost did this blog solely on boots. I keep seeing shoe boot things like these absolutely everywhere and I want a pair SO badly! I have a very similar pair which are so comfy to walk around in. Whilst they have become very common and therefore I have gone off them a little bit over the knee boots such as these I really quite like, although I think you have to be quite tall to get away with them or they can make you look particularly stumpy. 

That's about it really, it's a fairly short one to make up for all the essays I keep producing. Enjoy!


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Valentines Day

Now I know I'm probably one of trillions blogging about valentines day this week or month, but I'm sure one more opinion won't hurt you!

I have such mixed views on the whole occasion really, I used to think it was absolutely ridiculous and now the idea of it is kind of cute. It really all boils down to whether you have someone to spend it with or not. Every previous year in my life I have been single on valentines day. Apart from when I was about 7 and a boy bought me a teddy and I bought him chocolates but ate them myself because I was too scared to give them to him. Such a shame.

This year is the first year I actually have a boyfriend on valentines day. Whilst extremely excited about being treated with gifts, dinner, the lot; I also feel a bit hypocritical. Honestly, for the entirety of my life I was the cow who moaned non stop for about a month leading up to valentines day about how it's just an excuse for commercial companies to exploit the ever so idiotic general public. So, I'm sure you can understand completely how I feel right now.

I have, obviously, been thinking about the perfect gift to show that special someone how much I love them, blah, blah, blah. It's so hard! I don't want to spend TOO much as that really would be extremely hypocritical of me if I went all out. I was thinking just a little something to show that I do care even if I do get the hump about something he says at least once a week. I decided that there is quite a lot of you girls out there who are racking your brains for ideas as buying for boys is a near impossibility. Therefore, I decided to write a convenient little list to help not just me, but all of you mysterious readers out there.

1. His favourite food.
You could go for the easy cheesy chocolates, or, you could dig deeper and find his favourite. Be it cookies, steak, broccoli, whatever. It's from the heart as he knows you have been paying attention to his likes, wants and needs.

2.  Something funny.
He's probably expecting valentines day to be a complete bore, so make it fun. A silly gift (something that's an inside joke between you) that he can actually use. It's easy to make boys laugh with stupid jokes, they're boys!

3. Beer.
Whilst it may seem boring, let's be honest, is he going to care? Boys love beer. You buy beer. He loves you. It's not soppy and it's something he can actually use and enjoy. Maybe something else as well though, could be a bit boring on it's own :)

4. Tickets
Again, it's something he can enjoy although it could be a pricey. A football match, Top Gear, a gig, etc. Don't go for something too sweet, just please him with something you know he'll enjoy.

5. A Massage
You could either buy him one, maybe a sports massage if he plays a lot. Or you could even learn to do them yourself, get all the oils, incense, candles and treat him.

Sorry that my list is fairly short, but it really is hard to think of ideas for men. Hope I helped :)

Danni x

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Today I didn't want to throw useless fashion advice at you. So I thought I'd discuss something else, I toyed with the idea of discussing music, books, tv shows. All have been done to a high standard before. So, I thought about what I can offer that everyone else can't, my thoughts went to my life. So today I will share a couple of life stories which all run along the same theme: flings. I know you're probably all thinking it's a strange thing to discuss and that there's not much you can talk about. However I have had my fair share of experience with them; the only relationship I have had over 3 months is my present one. I know I am only young so it shouldn't all be serious relationships, so I guess it is quite normal to have mainly flings. However, I want to discuss whether all flings are meaningless. Are they meaningless as they only last a few months? Or maybe only a few months is all it needs to make an imprint on you.

I will firstly discuss a fling I had that ended purely because of me. Let's call him Mr Love as he really did have a lot of love to give and that way I am not naming and shaming! I normally straight away fall head over heels, obsessed, want to spend every single second with a guy. However, it really wasn't the most serious relationship ever, we didn't see each other as much as we probably should of and this didn't bother me. That probably straight away should of rung alarm bells! Anyway Mr Love gave, gave and gave a bit more, and I won't lie to you I took everything he felt like giving. Be it gifts, hugs, love, money. I was, to be frank, a complete bitch to him. We started drifting a little bit, and I started innocently talking to another guy strictly as friends. Next I thought I needed a girly night out, little did I know that the guy I had been talking to was going to be at that girly night out. We hit it off (just to be certain, I didn't cheat). And that night I realised I was bored with Mr Love, I ended it shortly afterwards. I guess what I am trying to say is that one reason a fling ends is because it gets boring, the second it stops being a fling you just get bored. I am definitely someone who needs to be entertained with excitement or I really do get bored (I need drama!!). This is an example where it didn't leave a print on me, I guess because it got boring and really had no meaning to me.

The next fling ended on no fault of my own. This guy has actually already been mentioned, that's right, the guy at the party! We will call him Prince Charming as he really did charm me from day one. I was so unsure of him at first, he had such a name for himself, I did not think I could trust him (turns out I couldn't). We had so much fun together, it was exciting, risky, every date was something different! I thought it was all just really good fun and I didn't feel strongly about him, but before I knew it I was falling head over heels in love. I started to trust him completely, I would tell him anything, didn't even want to talk to anyone else. I guess it was from that moment that it all started going wrong. I don't think, to this day, Prince Charming knows I loved him. I'd much rather he didn't know either so let's hope if he reads this he won't realise it was him! Anyway, to cut a long story short he sort of cheated on me, lied to me, basically crushed my poor little heart! He ended it all and it was a really nasty, horrible ending to what I thought was an amazing couple of months. This time it really did have a massive imprint on me, since then I found it so hard to trust people. Prince Charming's story will always stay with me, and there's a small part of me that will probably still help him when he needs it, but then such a big part of me which hates him for upsetting me to the sheer amount he did. I'm pretty sure, though, that I will never be able to trust him again. It all made me realise how, even though they are so much fun, you don't have trust in a fling, you earn trust during a relationship, there's no time to earn trust in a fling.

Sorry if you hated that, I just wanted to let it out, I'm treating this like a diary now :) and please if you know who both of these people are, don't say anything.

Danni x