Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fashion & Sport

Firstly I want to apologise to the small amount of people who read my little blog, as I've been particularly absent and uninspired! However, have no fear I'm back and hopefully a bit more frequently now :)

After the Christmas season my not so perfect figure is looking particularly rounded. After just putting up with it for a few weeks I've finally decided to do something about it so I have a perfectly sculptured bikini body for the summer. Making time to do exercise is proving to be particularly difficult though!

To start with I have been dragging my poor boyfriend to the swimming pool. Which brings me to my first piece of sportswear... The swimming costume. There are so many different shapes, colours and patterns available now that you can go for a girly look, a sophisticated look, or a really sporty look. For a sophisticated look you can go for something like this item from Topshop,although fairly pricey at £32! I fell in love with this from River Island when I first saw it, it has a much more girly feel to it with the frills. With a good figure it would look stunning! However, again a bit pricey at £24.

Running is another form of exercise I would love to do daily, however, I have quite bad asthma which really prevents me from doing so. I realised how influential celebrities really can be recently, because as soon as I realised Ellie Goulding (whom i adore!) jogged daily it straight away made me want to jog. Tried it and failed though! Anyway, back onto the clothing! There's the really nice high end jogging bottoms which I really wish I could afford...Abercrombie & Fitch and Jack Wills. Pairs such as these and these make me want to throw my holiday fund at their websites. However, for the tightarses among us, at only £15 these from New Look do the job just as well! To be honest though I am the kind of person who gets ridiculously hot when I'm exercising so I much prefer the cropped joggers which you can find pretty much everywhere!

Danni x

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