Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Ellie Goulding

I recently went to Underage Festival in London at Victoria Park. It was a really good day, and for such a good price at only £35 a ticket. I was completely spoilt for choice in the way of music, entertainment, and food. However, the highlight of my day was definitely seeing Ellie Goulding perform. She was probably the cutest performer I have ever seen, she put so much effort into every song and gave a little thankyou after every song too. For a good few months now I have become very obsessed with her music, style and even her hairstyle.

It's pictures such as the one above that make me fall in love with her hair and style, her hair has that carefree feel to it that makes you want to go with your instincts and do whatever you feel like doing! I would definitely recommend having a listen to her music, probably my favourite song of hers is the writer.

I hope you all enjoy listening to her as much as I do!