Wednesday, 22 September 2010

hair: to style or not to style

Today's blog is all about hair, lately I have been spending ages just staring at my hair in the mirror in the morning, with not a clue what to do with it. My hair naturally is curly and can sometimes get a bit out of control and takes on a 'lion mane' feel to it. The whole bed head look really seems to be coming into play a lot more lately, which is easy for me as I literally do just get out of bed and it's done! However, I'm really not sure what I prefer at the moment. I have never been a fan of the whole straightened, flat hair look; but I don't think I'm much of a fan of such messy hair either. Diana Vicker's hair in the picture below is a perfect medium for me, it's styled but not flat. However, it's such a hard look to achieve unless you are lucky enough to be able to afford a stylist.

I also love Diana's fringe in this, which is another dilemma in itself for me at the moment. I recently had the old side sweeping fringe for a long time, but I get bored of my hair really easily! Therefore, I decided to grow it out, it turns out this takes a very, very long time. This thought came from inspirations such as Leighton Meester (below). Right now it is at a stupid stage where it's not a fringe but doesn't quite fit in my ponytail when I tie it back.

Such a big style crush on Leighton Meester! Anyway, back to my original point... I was considering a block fringe which I have had previously and it does suit me. However they are such a pain, I have to straighten it everyday when I have one, or it goes all stupid and flicky. Would love your opinions, really not got a clue to do with my crazy head of hair!

Danni x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Style Crush: Taylor Momsen

I first began my love for Taylor momsen when she was in Gossip girl, I'm sure the majority of teenage girls watch and love gossip girl. Whether it's for the New York story lines, stylish outfits, or dishy men. It was as soon as her character Jenny got the infamous hair cut that I fell in love with her style.

However, it was more recently that I started to fall head over heels for the outfits she puts together. Whilst some of her ensembles have caused great controversy, I think she has the figure to flaunt it so may as well! Outfits such as the one below are the kind I really love, however loving her short hair a lot more than the longer style :)

I particularly love the stockings-and-suspenders look, although I'm quite sure I would never have the confidence to wear them. This is probably the main reason I admire her, her outfits must take a lot of bravery to wear! I have way too much black in my wardrobe, but I am such a sucker for black grey and white. I think Taylor Momsen makes it ok to wear black the majority of the time. Especially now the autumn/winter seasons are coming up, black is a lot more acceptable. Therefore, I think it will be creeping back into my style, with a real Taylor edge to it :)

Again, thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

shoes glorious shoes...

Ok so I genuinely don't have a clue who, if anyone, is reading this blog. But I haven't blogged in a long long time! Recently I have bought a good few pairs of shoes, I now have a pretty large collection. I thought I'd share my favourite two pairs with you.

The first pair are from River Island, just a simple pair of light brown brogues, at only £26.99. Brogues seem to be sweeping the nation at the moment, such a practical pair of shoes, mine are ridiculously comfy! I have found mine look a lot better now that I have worn them in a bit. Oh and you can find a pair righttt HERE! (Please excuse the awful quality picture!)

The next pair are definitely my favourite at the moment. These are from Miss Selfridge, can't find a link for them absolutely anywhere on the website, sorry! But if I remember rightly they were around £30 give or take a penny or two. They are the comfiest pair of heels I have ever owned, got a real chunky heel on them which helps. They go with absolutely everything, jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts. You can wear them casually as well as on a night out. I will stop gushing about them now, here's a picture! (Again please excuse the quality of the picture)

Well I hope you also like them as much as me, whoever you are that's reading this! Will hopefully blog soon :)


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Ellie Goulding

I recently went to Underage Festival in London at Victoria Park. It was a really good day, and for such a good price at only £35 a ticket. I was completely spoilt for choice in the way of music, entertainment, and food. However, the highlight of my day was definitely seeing Ellie Goulding perform. She was probably the cutest performer I have ever seen, she put so much effort into every song and gave a little thankyou after every song too. For a good few months now I have become very obsessed with her music, style and even her hairstyle.

It's pictures such as the one above that make me fall in love with her hair and style, her hair has that carefree feel to it that makes you want to go with your instincts and do whatever you feel like doing! I would definitely recommend having a listen to her music, probably my favourite song of hers is the writer.

I hope you all enjoy listening to her as much as I do!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pixie Lott

As I previously mentioned I have quite a few style icons and I seem to have a real love for Pixie Lott's style. I think it's mostly down to the fact that she is not extremely skinny, she has some wonderful curves. She makes it O.K. for people with legs that are not particularly skinny to wear little hot pants.

I think this picture shows us what Pixie Lott is all about, she is not, unlike many celebrities, obsessed with wearing a different full on glitzy outfit all the time. She wears quite casual simple clothes, teamed with that dashing smile she always looks great. I recently bought a pair of shorts from Miss Selfridge and these probably are inspired by Pixie, I don't have the skinniest of legs but I'd say she's made me realise that I really can get away with wearing little shorts.

The outfit below is probably one of my favourite's from Pixie, the little high waisted shorts, with a really simple little vest, and some sort of shawl over her shoulders.

You can create this look really really easily, with this bargain of a white vest top from New Look, and this scarf from Urban Outfitters, and to top it off these little shorts from Asos, which come in a range of different colours.

Pixie is very much about her accessories too, different head bands, bangles, necklaces. One headband of hers which I particularly love and actually bagged one for myself is the Bella, you can see a few pictures of Pixie wearing this herself in the press section of the website. In fact I really suggest you have a look at this website, I found I loved so many of their products. She also wears quite a lot of bracelets, colourful bracelets are available everywhere at the moment, but I particularly like these from Next!

Thought I'd finish with a final picture of Pixie looking happy as ever, and a little quote. I was watching TV one day, Pixie Lott was on, and my boyfriend actually said "She's got legs from here to Mount Kilimanjaro". I could go on and on about Pixie Lott but I won't bore you :)

Will post soon! x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


This is my first blog, I plan to fill it with unnecessary things that everybody loves to hear about :) I am, at heart, a mathematician so my spelling will be diabolical throughout I'm sure.
I have quite a few fashion icons at the moment so I will probably ramble about them A LOT! So I apologise if you don't like them :) I also play the guitar, well sort of, I'm learning, so will probably talk a lot about that too! I can't say I have much to write about today, I will try and find something a bit more interesting for next time! Thanks!